In numbers

Main creations


Locations : La Place d’Armes, The Museum of Natural History, The Company Garden, the old prison, the Port-Louis Theatre, the AapravasiGhat, The Caudan Waterfront, and the Harbour.

Street Art


graffitis on the walls of the city

Street Performances


comedians, dancers, jugglers, mimes, slamers

Street Light


creative installations and light projections

Street Food


concerts ans musical creations on eight stages

Street Music


culinary stalls in three streets of the capital

2015 Creations

‘Festival dan kapital’, 3 nights of festivities. Port-Louis lit up with a rich cultural programs spread on 40,000 m2 . With local and international artists A free family event. Vini, vwayaz ar nou.

Street Food

On this vibrant journey, we shed light on the actors of the Mauritian cuisne, in a warm atmoshpere in order to amaze consumers and arouse their taste buds at every street corner. More info